Going up!

You will have noticed the practice has been very busy the last few months. We are excited to let you know that we have finally taken lease on the upstairs in our premises, which gives us an extra doctor’s room. As of 8 May we will be using this room for consulting sessions, initially 2 days a week.

To start off Dr Chris Ganora will work upstairs on Tuesdays and Dr Shereena will work upstairs on Mondays and Wednesday afternoon. There may be changes over time and other doctors will also be working in the upstairs room. If you have any concerns about not being able to climb those 20 stairs, please let our receptionist know when you are booking. As always, strollers and prams can be left in the waiting room.

We anticipate that the extra appointments will take the pressure off for everyone. However, we are still in the process of upgrading our phone system and working out the logistics of dealing with extra patients in a small practice. We appreciate your patience as we deal with any teething problems.

Remember you can book appointments online. You will need to call us if you have an urgent need on the day and can’t find an appointment, or if you want to check that your doctor is not working upstairs. If you are unable to find an appointment with your regular doctor that suits you, please book with another doctor. We are happy to deal with acute issues and hand you back over to your regular doctor for follow up.