Repeats prescriptions for patients of Erskineville Doctors

A guide to requesting repeat scripts


Before you request a new script, please check the script you have or ask your pharmacist if they are holding your repeat scripts. In general, PBS scripts have enough repeats for 6 months of medication (e.g. a box of 28 with 5 repeats). Scripts for the Contraceptive pill have enough repeats for 12 months.

Repeat script requests without a consultation

If you have attended the practice in the previous twelve (12) months, your doctor may accept a request for repeat prescriptions without a consultation.

This service is not covered by Medicare, a fee of $20.00 – $30.00 (depending on urgency) will be charged.

The medication you request must already be on your file, that is we have prescribed it before or your specialist has written a letter to let us know about a new medication

We cannot accept requests for pain medication, sleeping pills, or an antibiotic without a consultation.

How do I request a repeat script without a consultation?

You can submit a request for a repeat prescription online via our website or using the AMS Connect App.

You will need to provide the name and dose of the medication required. You also need to nominate how you wish to receive your prescription:

  • sent as an electronic prescription (eScript) directly to your mobile phone (or email)
  • sent as an eScript directly to your nominated pharmacy via email
  • you can also pick up paper script from the practice

You will be required to enter your credit card details at the time of the request but you will not be charged for the script until it has been approved by your doctor.

What happens to my request?

Your request is sent directly to your doctor who will review your file and decide if an ongoing prescription is appropriate and safe.

The doctor will then send your prescription as per your nominated method and your credit card will be charged.

We aim to respond to these requests within two (2) business days – if your nominated doctor is away or unavailable the request will be allocated to another doctor.

If your request is urgent please call reception on 02 9557 2266

What happens if my request is declined or I need medication that is excluded from this service?

If your online request is declined you will receive a text message asking you to book an appointment with your doctor.

You can also request a five (5) minute ‘script’ telephone call (please note, this appointment type is not suitable for diagnosis).

A five (5) minute ‘script’ telephone call will incur a $44.00 fee (with a Medicare rebate of $18.85).

These appointments will be made within two (2) business days of your request.

If your request is urgent please let our reception staff know – in some situations the doctor might issue a script with fewer repeats and ask you to attend for review.

How do I use eScripts?

eScripts are sent directly to your mobile phone as an SMS (or email) – follow the link in this message to open a QR code. The first eScript / QR code you receive will note that there are six (6) repeats.

Present this QR code to your pharmacist to scan, once it has been scanned your prescription will be filled and the repeats will be held by the pharmacy (this means you have to go back to the same pharmacy next time).

If you want to hold your repeats, you may need to ask your pharmacist to send them back to your mobile phone (you will need to give them your mobile number) – or they can print paper copies of the repeats for you.

How do I avoid running out of medications?

PBS prescriptions have a standard supply of one (1) month (28 or 30 days) of medication with 5 repeats, i.e. six (6) months (with some exceptions).

Your pharmacist should tell you when they have dispensed the last repeat.

This then means that you have a whole month to organise a new prescription.

Paper copies of your repeats will note how many supplies have been dispensed and how many repeats you have left.