A guide to requesting repeat referrals

Repeat referrals

As with scripts, if you have attended the practice in the previous twelve (12) months, your doctor may accept a request for repeat referral without a consultation.

A fee of $30 – $40 (depending on urgency) will be charged.

The referral you request must be to a health professional you have already seen, already be on your file, that is we have done the original referral or that person has written a letter to us to know about your care.

We cannot accept requests for new or acute conditions without a consultation

Other types of referrals that require an in person or Telehealth consultation include Mental Health Treatment Plan reviews, and allied health referrals under a GP Chronic Disease Management plan.

This is a Medicare requirement.

How do I request a repeat referral without a consultation?

You can submit a request for a referral prescription online via our website or using the AMS Connect App.

You will need to provide the name and details of the health professional and the reason/medical issue for your referral.

We will send your referral via secure messaging directly to the hospital or specialist. Where this is not possible we can:

  • send via fax to your nominated health professional
  • you can pick up your referral from the practice
  • or with your permission we can email the referral to you (PIN protected)

You will be required to enter your credit card details at the time of the request but you will not be charged for the referral until it has been approved by your doctor.

You can also request a five (5) minute ‘repeat referral’ telephone call (please note, this appointment type is not suitable for diagnosis).

We aim to respond to these requests within two (2) business days – if your nominated doctor is away or unavailable the request will be allocated to another doctor.

Please note, Medicare rules state that referrals cannot be back-dated. When you make an appointment with another health professional it’s your responsibility to check with them that your referral is up-to-date. In some situations we can write an “indefinite referral”, but it’s up to the specialist whether or not they will accept this.