Medicare rebates apply for Telehealth consultations until 31st December 2021. As at 1 July 2021 they apply mainly for video consultations, and only for short and standard phone consultations.

Video consultations can be organised through Health Direct. You do not need any account or app to do this, and it can be down with laptop or a tablet/smartphone. The online waiting room is at

Video consultations will also be available through the Automed app (used for online bookings). You will need to request or book a “Telehealth appointment”

As of 20 July 2020, the Government has limited the relevant Medicare rebates to patients who have attended the practice at least once face to face in the past 12 months. Patients will receive a Medicare rebate for telehealth consultations when they are charged privately by the practice, as long as they have had one face to face consultation at the practice in the past 12 months.