Nicotine prescribing and vaping products 

Nicotine prescribing and vaping products 

It has been illegal to sell nicotine vapes for many years in Australia, and since 2021 it has been possible to obtain nicotine products from overseas with a prescription.

As of 1 January 2024 there have been regulatory changes that will prevent the importation of nicotine vaping products for personal use, with further changes to come in March 2024.

The changes mean that in theory, any doctor can write a prescription for nicotine liquid for use with a re-fillable vape, when the prescription is part of a management plan to quit smoking.

The guidelines stipulate that other methods of quitting should be tried first, as the longer term harms of vaping are not known. In addition, some people have acquired a vaping habit and may need assistance to reduce or quit. 

At this stage, while GPs get used to the detail of legislative changes and what products are available to be prescribed we do not have any consultations available specifically for nicotine liquid prescribing.

If you require assistance with smoking cessation and want to start the conversation please make a time to see your doctor, as there may be other methods that are suitable for you to try.  

If you are an experienced vaper, or wish to be prescribed nicotine for vaping to helps quit smoking, we suggest contacting a doctor via on of the many online services, including but not restricted to: 

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For more information and advice about vaping and vaping products, please visit the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association website.

Last updated 11 January 2024