COVID-19 vaccinations – latest update

Updated 26 March 2023

COVID-19 booster vaccinations at Erskineville Doctors

If your last COVID vaccination or COVID infection was more than 6 months ago you are eligible for a COVID vaccine booster now (as long as you are over 18). This is particularly recommended for people aged 65+ or any of the high-risk categories previously identified.

Many of you will be come close to 12 months since your last vaccine, and efficacy is likely to be waning.


How do I make an appointment for a booster dose?

We have variable supply of COVID vaccine and are generally offering it to people who attend for flu vaccines. Check the Vaccine Clinic Finder, to see if your local pharmacy has supply.

If you are eligible, your doctor may offer you a booster vaccine dose (if stock is available) at your next appointment. This can also be done at the same time as a flu vaccine. Do not book a consultation with a doctor for a COVID-19 vaccine only – you can receive a booster dose at any time from a pharmacy.


Who should receive a booster dose?

All people aged 65 years and older and people aged 18 to 64 years who are at highest risk of severe COVID-19 illness are recommended to receive a booster dose in 2023.

Patients aged 18 to 64, who are not at higher risk of severe illness, should consider a booster dose.

More information about the Booster vaccination can be found on the NSW Health website .

General information on COVID-19 vaccinations can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care website.


Primary course of vaccination

Novavax is available at some locations as the primary vaccination (not yet as a booster) for anyone who hasn’t yet been vaccinated. You can use the Vaccine Clinic Finder, to find and book an appointment.


Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

We are required to upload the details of your vaccination to the AIR at the time of administering. If you wish to opt out of the AIR you need to contact them directly.


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