Fee increase on July 1st 2018 at Erskineville Doctors

On July 1st 2018 Erskineville Doctors will be introducing a small increase to our fees. For a standard appointment it will cost $80 and for a long appointment $128. Your medicare rebate has increased by 1.5% for these items (now $37.60 and $72.80) which will help limit your out of pocket costs.

This is a first increase for Medicare rebates since 1 July 2014. It is a positive start, however a 1.5% increase in Medicare rebates for a limited number of attendance items is still well below the annual increase in our operating costs.

The fees charged by this practice cover all of our practice costs including employing receptionists and practice nurses, and meeting our operating expenses such as rent, medical equipment, electricity, computers and insurance. These costs increase annually.

If you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to afford this increase, please do discuss these with your treating medical practitioner.