Assigning your benefit for Telehealth consultations

Assigning your benefit for Telehealth consultations

From Monday 13th November, if your doctor elects to bulk bill your Telehealth consultation, you will be required to accept the doctors billing by assigning your benefit via secure SMS.

This acts as a record that you have provided consent for your Medicare rebate (e.g., $41.40) to be paid directly to your doctor. This is a Medicare requirement.

At the end of your Telehealth consultation, your doctor will ask for your verbal consent to bulk bill and record this in the consultation notes – they may also check your mobile number.

Once the billing has been completed, you will receive a secure SMS from our designated practice number (this is the same number we send appointment confirmations from).

To access your billing information, you will need to enter your (or your child’s) date of birth.

You will then be provided with the option to either Accept or Decline the assignment of the benefit.

It is very important that you respond to this SMS, as it ensures your doctor is paid for the services they have provided.

If you choose to decline this request, you will be required to pay a private fee for your consultation.  

If the billing information does not seem accurate, please call reception for clarification prior to making your selection.