Flu vaccine in stock

The 2018 flu vaccine stocks have arrived at the practice.

Vaccination by about the end of May/early June will provide optimal protection before circulating influenza levels start to rise this season, and will provide protection over the peak period of July/August/September.

If you are planning to see your doctor in the next 6-8 weeks you can get a flu vaccine at that visit. It’s a good time to review any other chronic health issues, update referrals and scripts, and check in regarding recommended health screening for your age.

If you are unlikely to be visiting your doctor in the next 6-8 weeks, you can book at time to see our Practice Nurse, Catherine at the Flu Vaccine clinic she will run a few times each week. Our receptionists can help you book a suitable time. Please note that our doctors will not be available to see you during the Nurse clinic.

Free flu vaccines are provided by NSW Health for people in the following categories:

• anyone aged 65 and older

• children aged 6 months old to <5 years old

• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people

• Pregnant women

• anyone with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk of a bad influenza infection, such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic lung disease, and moderate-severe asthma requiring preventer medications.

For other patients we have stock of flu vaccine for sale. If you get a flu vaccine at your workplace please let us know for our records.


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