Using email for patient recalls

Over the past year we have been updating your records at our practice to include mobile phone numbers and email addresses. The cost and speed of traditional postage has made this a less viable option, while electronic forms of communication give us opportunities to communicate with you better.

We intend to use email where possible to send you reminders or recalls. Our accreditation as a General Practice includes standards that we have a system to do this, as part of our duty of care to patients. However, to be able to send you reminders or recalls, or anything that might constitute direct marketing, you need to let us know that you do not want to receive such correspondence. This includes a simple note about a public health message such as the availability of flu vaccine.

We are not intending to send you lots of messages, and are mindful that email address boxes are easily cluttered. Examples of messages you might receive are:

  • A non-urgent recall to discuss investigations
  • A reminder that you are due for follow up of a previous investigation
  • A reminder that a booster immunisation is due
  • A reminder that a screening test is due – eg Pap smear
  • An annual recall to review a particular health issue – eg. diabetes

We are conscious of all times of the privacy and sensitivity of your health information and will not send any information via mail or email that discusses any aspect of your medical care.

If at any time you wish to have your name removed from any recall register or specifically do not wish to be contacted via email please contact our Practice Manager, Neda Jazayeri ( to ensure that your records are updated accordingly.

A copy of our Practice Privacy Policy is available in the waiting room. You may also wish to  look at the Government’s general information on privacy regarding health matters ar