Staff changes

It feels like both good news and bad news – exciting times for some of our clinical staff, but we will miss them in the meantime!

Keen-eyed patients of Dr Shereena will have noticed that she will soon be in need of a break – she will be taking maternity leave from 18 May for 12 months until April/May next year. We wish her well at this exciting time.

On the upside for the practice and our patients, we are pleased to announce that Dr Nicolette Holly will be a permanent member of our practice team. Many of you will have met Nicolette as she has filled in for our doctors on leave. She will be working on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our Practice Nurse, Catherine, will also be taking maternity leave from mid-June, so we have her for a while longer. Two other nurses are starting to take on her duties – Ping and Georgia. Ping has already started doing some training with Catherine and is getting to know many of our patients already. Georgia has previously worked for us in 2017, and will start some days in Monday as Catherine cuts back her hours.