Astra Zeneca COVID vaccine

If you are 60+ and have decided to get a vaccine now, please call us to fit you in – we would prefer to do this sooner rather than later.

We also have appointments for younger patients who would like the AZ vaccine, please look online to book. If you don’t have Medicare, you can check with Erskineville Chemist who are also doing vaccinations.

If you have already had a first dose of AZ vaccine we can give you your second dose vaccinations earlier than scheduled – PLEASE LOOK AT ONLINE APPOINTMENTS before you call us, as staff are very busy on the phones. If you are getting a reminder and have already had 2 vaccines – sorry! We have tried to turn these off. All vaccine records are uploaded daily to the Australian Immunisation Register and can be found on Medicare or My Health Record.

Your second dose of Astra-Zeneca was booked for 12 weeks, according the ATAGI guideline. Due to the current COVID delta strain outbreak in Greater Sydney both ATAGI and NSW Health have currently suggesting a shorter gap of anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Please consider your personal circumstances – given that we are likely to be in lockdown for several weeks, you may wish to keep your original appointment or just bring it forward a couple of weeks. In general the longer gap is better for longer term immunity (though there is limited data). Further booster doses may be needed down the track.

If you have had one dose of Astra-Zeneca vaccine, without any serious adverse event, the current advice from ATAGI is to proceed to have your second dose of Astra-Zeneca vaccine. The risk of thrombocytopenia thrombotic syndrome (rare blood clots) following a second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is much lower than the risk following a first dose. UK data reports an estimated rate of 1.5 per million second doses (compared to a reported risk of 14.2 per million first doses in the UK).

If you had a severe or unexpected adverse event to a first dose of AZ vaccine, please discuss this with your usual doctor before your 2nd vaccine appointment to make sure it is advisable to proceed to dose 2. We are discussing these on a case by case basis with the NSW Specialist Immunisation Service. There are limited situations where they will authorise a Pfizer vaccine for the second dose (for example, someone who had anaphylaxis to the first dose of AZ vaccine). It is not currently standard practice to mix the vaccine doses, and we are not authorised to do so. We will provide updates as the situation changes.


UK press release