Important Information

This practice sends our pathology specimens to Douglas Hanly Moir pathology. If your doctor has asked you to get blood done you can take your form to any of the Douglas Hanly Moir collection centres on the back of the form, or listed here DHM. The closest to the practice are at 375 King St, Newtown, and 21 Fountain St, Alexandria.

We believe that we can give our best care to our patients by following up results of any investigations by discussing them with you in person. At the end of your consultation your doctor will let you know when to make a follow up appointment when your results will be available.

If we receive a result that needs urgent attention we will contact you via phone.

Preventing the spread of infection: 

If you are concerned that your symptoms indicate a potentially infectious disease, please let our reception staff know when you call. We may be able to see you at a time when then are fewer patients in the waiting room. There is alcohol hand-rub on our reception counter and disposable masks also available near our toilet facilities. 

Erskineville Doctors participates in national/state health registers for the following items:

  1. Australian Childhood Immunisation Register – for immunisations given up to the age of 20 years
  2. NSW Pap Test Register for all Pap test results

You will receive reminder notices from these organisations for overdue childhood immunisations or Pap tests.  NSW Health has also developed a Save the Date application for childhood immunisations.

The practice will not send additional reminders for scheduled childhood immunisations, or routine 2 yearly Pap tests.

If you wish to opt out of either of these registers please let your doctor know.


The practice is also developing registers of patients who require regular review for particular chronic conditions such as diabetes. Your doctor will advise you of this and obtain your consent to be listed on a register for reminders.


 If you require an interpreter for your consultation please let our reception staff know so that we can arrange a phone interpreter.

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information visit website.

Under normal circumstances we need to see you in person, but in an emergency a doctor may take your call, or ring back as soon as possible.

We will use email where possible to send you reminders or recalls. To be able to send you reminders or recalls, or anything that might constitute direct marketing, you need to let us know if you do not want to receive such correspondence.

Examples of messages you might receive are:
– A non-urgent recall to discuss investigations
– A reminder that you are due for follow up of a previous investigation
– A reminder that a booster immunisation is due
– A reminder that a screening test is due – eg Pap smear
– An annual recall to review a particular health issue – eg. diabetes
We are conscious of all times of the privacy and sensitivity of your health information and will not send any information via mail or email that discusses any aspect of your medical care.
If at any time you wish to have your name removed from any recall register or specifically do not wish to be contacted via email please contact our Practice Manager, Neda Jazayeri ( to ensure that your records are updated accordingly.

We treat all health information in strictest confidence. We will not disclose your information to third parties without your informed consent. Patients have a right to access their personal health information in accordance with the Privacy Amendment Act 2002. We can provide you with a copy of our practice Privacy Policy.

You may also wish to look at the Government’s general information on privacy regarding health matters ar
A transfer of your medical records to another practice will incur a reasonable administration fee to cover the cost of photocopies and registered post-delivery.

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. You can choose to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

My Health Record is managed by the Department of Health. We can assist you to register and can upload a Shared Health Summary at your request.

To ensure that preventative health care is targeted, staff at this practice encourages patients to identify their cultural background and/or ethnicity on their medical record.  This is very important for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. Erskineville Doctors is registered for Close The Gap.
We always appreciate feedback from our patients about their care and about our practice. Feedback forms are available in the waiting room and will be reviewed by the Practice Manager,  Dr Lonergan and Dr Kain.
If you have a problem or complaint and feel you need to discuss the matter outside of the practice you can contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 02 9219 7444 or write to LOCKED Bag 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
We welcome you to contact us.

Phone: 02 9557 2266

Postal: 91 Erskineville Road Erskineville NSW 2043