Flu vaccine – it’s not too late

We haven’t seen much influenza yet (thought lots of other nasty bugs), so please remember that it’s not too late to get a vaccine.

We currently have supply on the free schedule of :

  • Flu Quadri Junior for children 6 months old up to <3 years old
  • Fluzone Hi-dose for people > 65 years
  • Afluria Quad for pregnant women, and people aged 18-64 who are at increased risk due to chronic medical conditions
  • Fluquadri for children aged 3-4 (in limited supply)

We have no vaccines for private sale. If you would like a prescription for a flu vaccine please let our receptionist know prior to your appointment. It will be worth checking with your local chemist regarding stock.

You can book a time with our Practice Nurse, or with any of our doctors if you are due to see them for some other medical issue. If you just need the flu vaccine, please indicate this to our receptionists who will endeavour to fit you in with either the nurse or a doctor, according to availability

Please watch this space for further updates.