Fees & Medicare Rebates


5 minute consultation  - eg. repeat script or referral, short discussion about results

Private fee  $40.00
Out of pocket: $22.10

Concession fee*$25.00
Out of pocket  $7.10

Medicare rebate: $17.90


Consultation  up to 20 minutes- usually 1-2 medical issues depending on complexity

Private fee  $88.00
Out of pocket: $48.30

Concession fee* $65.00
Out of pocket $25.30

Medicare rebate: $39.70


Consultation lasting 20-40 minutes

Private fee $138.00
Out of pocket: $61.05

Concession fee* $110.00
Out of pocket $30.05

Medicare rebate: $76.95


Consultation over 40 minutes

Private fee  $185.00
Out of pocket $71.70

Concession fee* $148.00
Out of pocket  $34.70

Medicare rebate: $113.30

Fees policy

Private fees are charged for consultations. *Concession rates are available for patients with a valid Pension Card/Healthcare Card. Medicare pays you a rebate towards the cost of the consultation.

In some situations your consultation may be "bulk-billed". This means that  your Medicare rebate is paid directly to your doctor  who accepts this reduced amount as full payment for your consultation. To ensure your healthcare needs are met, please discuss your financial situation with your doctor.

Saturday consultations will not be bulk-billed, except by arrangement with your doctor.

Medicare rebates as outlined above also apply to Telehealth consultations. They apply mainly for video consultations, and only for short phone consultations.

Since 20 July 2020, the Government has limited these rebates to patients who have attended the practice at least once face to face in the past 12 months.

Referrals and Scripts

The practice policy is not to write prescriptions or referrals based on telephone requests if you have not attended the surgery in the last 12 months. The doctors appreciate the chance to see you and review your medical issues.

You can request a short phone consultation for a repeat referral or prescription. Medicare rebates apply to short/standard phone consultations.

In some situations we will not be able to write a prescription without reviewing you, for example pain medications or sleeping pills.

If you do not wish to have a phone consultation, you can request a repeat script or referral online or by phone. Administrative charges for the service of reviewing your file and providing a prescription or referral will apply. Extra administrative fees may apply for faxing/posting, or for services provided on the day.

Payment of fees and claiming rebates

Fees  are payable to the doctor by card or cash at the end of your consultation.

We will submit your payment details to Medicare to claim the rebate. Our system allows Medicare to pay the rebate to your bank account immediately if you tap your debit card again after payment.

You should make sure your bank account details are up to date with Medicare (Express Plus app or online account).

Fees for other services

Other fees will apply to specific services, such as procedures or Mental Health Plans. Your doctor will advise of any costs.

Nurse consultation may incur a fee of $25
Extra costs may also apply for wound care items.

Safety nets to save on annual  healthcare costs

We recommend that you register all your family members for the Medicare Safety Net to ensure that any out of pocket costs are added together over the course of the calendar year. Once you reach the thresholds, your MBS benefits will be higher for the remainder of the year.  www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/how-to-register-for-medicare-safety-nets

The PBS Safety Net works similarly to put a cap on your annual spending on prescription medications. Please check with your pharmacist that you and your family are registered.