Travel Vaccinations

Erskineville Doctors

Erskineville Doctors can now provide some of the most common travel vaccines, as per the list below.  You will need to book an initial appointment with one of our doctors, who can advise you about recommended vaccines for your itinerary and prescribe these vaccines for you.

It’s helpful if you can bring a copy of your itinerary if your travel is going to cover several countries. If you can find a record of any immunisations you have had in the past this will help avoid unnecessary vaccination.

To prepare for a consultation about your travel you can read information about recommendations for your destination here. This includes information about non-vaccine preventable diseases and other health-related travel tips.

We can also prescribe anti-malarial tablets according to the advice for your particular destination. We suggest you have a look at this chart  and check your itinerary to see if malaria prevention is recommended.

Vaccines available in our practice

Vivaxim (Hep A/typhoid)
Avaxim (Hep A )
Typhim Vi (Typhoid)
Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B)
HB Vax II (Hep B)
Boostrix (Diptheria/tetanus/pertussis)

If you do not have evidence of having had 2 doses of MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) you may be eligible for a free vaccine from NSW Health. Other vaccines can be obtained from a pharmacy on prescription.

Please note we are not currently accredited to administer Yellow Fever vaccination.