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Erskineville Doctors is  an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre and can provide you with the common vaccines for overseas travel.  You should book a long appointment with one of our doctors, who can advise you about recommended vaccines for your itinerary and administer them for you.

You should start thinking about vaccines a few months before your trip, as you may need more than one vaccine in a particular course.  This is especially the case the more remote or adventurous your travel will be. Most vaccines take at least 2 weeks to achieve their full efficacy.

It’s helpful if you can bring a copy of your itinerary if your travel is going to cover several countries. If you can find a record of any immunisations you have had in the past this will help avoid unnecessary vaccination.

For most travellers there are more than just vaccines to consider:

  1. See your GP at least 4-6 weeks in advance (preferably months in advance)
  2. Take out travel insurance
  3. Consider the specific health risks in your destinations. This will include the risk of malaria, and might include other issues like considering the risk of altitude sickness
  4. Check  the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Smart Traveller for general travel advice and safety risks for the countries you will be visiting
  5. Ensure any pre-existing health conditions you have are well managed and you have sufficient medication and a travel letter from your GP
  6. Consider food safety whilst travelling to minimise your health risks
  7. Consider taking a traveller’s health kit with you
  8. Learn how to prevent bug bites, especially mosquitos (they carry more than just malaria)
  9. Consider any Visa requirements

Vaccines available in our practice:

Vivaxim (Hep A/typhoid)
Avaxim (Hep A )
Typhim Vi (Typhoid)
Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B)
HB Vax II (Hep B)
Boostrix (Diptheria/tetanus/pertussis)
Stamaril (Yellow Fever)
Rabies vaccine

Other vaccines
If you do not have evidence of having had 2 doses of MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) you may require a booster. Influenza vaccine is worth considering if you are not already immunised.

Our practice is accredited to administer Yellow Fever vaccine. This vaccine is a requirement for travel to some countries in Africa, South America, Central America and the Caribeean. See here for more information.

We can also prescribe anti-malarial tablets according to the advice for your particular destination. We suggest you have a look at this chart  and check your itinerary to see if malaria prevention is recommended at your destination.

Returning from your trip

Even with the best intentions, some travellers will still find themselves unwell while away, or upon their return.  If you get sick while away and still have symptoms on your return we suggest you make an appointment for a check-up. The most common problem is traveller’s diarrhoea that isn’t settling, but we should  see you if you are experiencing other symptoms, particularly fever, headache, aches and pains, and skin rashes.


For information on Malaria risk by country:

For information on Zika virus, including a list of countries where Zika has been identified visit:

Travel  health info on your phone