Repeats prescriptions for patients of Erskineville Doctors

Scripts and Referrals

Erskineville Doctors

Our doctors may write repeat prescriptions or ongoing referrals based on telephone requests if you have attended for a consultation recently. For certain medications we may require you to attend more frequently for clinical assessment. We will endeavour to respond to these requests within 48 hours.

Prescriptions    Your doctor will review your file and decide if a prescription renewal is medically appropriate and will indicate when you should next be reviewed in person.

Referrals   We are unable to write a referral to a new doctor for a new issue without a consultation. Medicare rules do not allow us to backdate referrals to specialists, so you will need to have organised an appointment with us prior to your first specialist visit to be able to claim a rebate. Note also that a referral to a psychologist that involves a Mental Health Plan or Review cannot be done as a telephone request.

Pathology/Imaging requests   In most cases this will require a consultation, though a phone request may be appropriate when your doctor has already discussed this with you, or your specialist has requested tests prior to your next visit.

Fees   Administration fees are payable when you collect the script/referral. There is no capacity to bulkbill this service as Medicare rebates are only payable for consultations in person:

  • Prescriptions/pathology & imaging requests (pick up) $15.00
  • Urgent prescriptions (fax/posted) $20.00
  • Referrals $20.00 – $30.00 (depending on complexity/urgency)
  • Reprinting lost referrals/scripts/forms   $10.00

If you request a prescription or referral to be faxed or posted we will request payment over the phone. Extra charges may apply for urgent requests.