My Health Record

Erskineville Doctors

My Health Record is an online summary of some of your health information. Health information stored in your record can include information from you, your healthcare providers, and Medicare. It can be accessed by you through, by any GP through their practice software, and hospital staff through their IT systems.

From 16 July 2018 the Government has decided to implement the My Health Record as an “opt-out” system, meaning that you will have a My Health Record created for you unless you decide to opt out. You will receive a letter from the Government (to the address associated with your Medicare card) in July 2018 advising you of this.

The initial period to opt out of having a My Health Record runs until 15 November. After that time you will have a My Health Record but this will not be activated until a health provider adds information. You can still choose to cancel you record after that time, so that information is not uploaded to it.

If you are interested in creating a My Health Record now you can register through the website, or we can do it for you at the practice (an easier option).

Information held in a My Health Record
Currently there is limited information being uploaded to the MHR, but it can include most public hospital discharge summaries, summary of Medicare item numbers billed (ie. relating to a medical consultation), medications that have been dispensed to you, and your recent immunisation history. The next phase will be the uploading of pathology and imaging results by some of those providers.

You can discuss with your GP if you would like a “Shared Health Summary” to be uploaded. This will only contain a list of your allergies, current medications, immunisations, and a list of important medical conditions (with brief explanatory notes). You can review the information with your doctor before it is uploaded.

Privacy controls
There are provisions in My Health Record for protecting your information, and once you have a My Health Record you should log on via the mygov website and set privacy controls, such as a PIN number and email alerts. This factsheet provides some helpful screen shots. The Officer of the Australian Information Commissioner has more information about protecting your information, go to this page.
When you go into your MHR via your mygov login, we recommended going to every page and checking the settings, especially the section PROFILE AND SETTINGS. Under PROFILE you can choose to participate or not in the Secondary Use of Data (eg. for research purposes).

More information
For more information and to find out more you should go to the My Health Record website. We encourage you to read this in detail, especially the privacy policy. Our doctors will be able to access documents on your MHR with your consent, and we can upload a shared health summary at your request. Erskineville Doctors is not responsible for the administration of the My Health Record, and we cannot assist you with opting out or cancelling your record.