Easter Opening Times & School Holidays

The practice will be closed on Good Friday, and Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Our opening hours are otherwise unchanged for the school holidays.

Dr Annabel will be on leave from Monday 10 April to Tuesday 18 April.
Dr Jenny will be on leave from Thursday 14 April to Friday 22 April.

Our other doctors will be covering all of Annabel and Jenny’s shifts so please make a time to see any of them and they will hand over your care as needed.

When the practice is closed you can call the National Home Doctor Service on 13 7425 for an after hours locum home visit. If you need to be seen urgently please attend the Emergency Department at RPAH, Balmain GP Casualty, or Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Flu vaccine in stock

The 2017 flu vaccine stocks have arrived at the practice.
As previously advised there is no rush to get your vaccine immediately. If you have a plan to see your doctor some time in the next 6 weeks or so it will be fine to wait until then to have a flu vaccine during that visit.
You will be eligible for a free flu vaccine if any of the following apply to you:
• >65 years old
• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
• Pregnant
• Have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic lung disease, and asthma requiring preventer medications.

If you are unlikely to be seeing your doctor you can make a time to see our Practice Nurse to organise vaccination. It might be a good time to also have your blood pressure and weight checked, review your diabetes or other chronic disease, and review where you are up to with other health screening or immunisations. If you have any inhaled medications, such as Ventolin, Seretide, Symbicort or Spiriva, please bring them with you at this visit so we can review how you are using them.

Many people are keen to get vaccinated immediately, but there’s no evidence that early vaccination is any better. The misconception is that the flu season starts in autumn or early winter. While immunity provided by the vaccine should last 12 months, the best protection is in the first 5 months after vaccination. Given that the peak of flu transmission is usually July/August, then getting vaccinated by sometime in May is a good time-frame. This will give you a good level of protection during the peak periods of influenza virus circulation.

For further information about immunisation

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance

Immunise Australia

Practice Nurses

We are pleased to welcome a new Practice Nurse, Catherine Wark. Catherine will be sharing the position with Georgia, with the two of them working across Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our nurses are skilled, friendly and efficient. Their role in our clinical team is to assist our doctors with continuity of care for our patients, in particular those with complex or chronic medical conditions. You might get a phone call from Catherine or Georgia when you doctor is wanting to follow up a particular issue. You can book with the nurses for an immunisation, wound care, health assessment for over 75 year olds, diabetes or asthma review, or BP check. They will talk to your doctor to advise on your ongoing care.

Please note, our nurses are very busy and do not have time to routinely take blood. If your doctor has asked you to get blood done you can take your form to any of the Douglas Hanly Moir collection centres on the back of the form, or listed here DHM. The closest to the practice are at 375 King St, Newtown, and 21 Fountain St, Alexandria.

Doctors’ Hours in January

Happy New Year to you all!

We are back to our normal opening hours from Tuesday 3rd January, however some doctors are having a break. Please book in with an alternate doctor – we are always happy to hand over to your regular doctor if there are issues that need follow up.

Dr Patricia and Dr Cara are here all month, as is Dr John on Saturdays

Dr Jenny is back at work on Monday 9 January

Dr Chris is back at work on Thursday 12 January

Dr Annabel is away from Monday 16 January and back on Monday 30 January. Dr Beth Oliver will work several days over that period to fill Annabel’s usual days. Beth completed her GP training on the north coast of NSW, and has been working in Sydney over the past 12 months.

We are also pleased to welcome Dr Vanessa Moran, who will start work on Tuesday 17 January and work a regular session from 2.00 -7.00pm every Tuesday. Vanessa is an experienced GP and Medical Educator, and has recently been appointed as the Director of Training at GP Synergy, the organisation that trains GPs across NSW.



Opening hours – Xmas and New Year

Wishing all our patients a
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dr Annabel Kain is holding the fort during the holiday period for our regular patients. Our opening times are below:

Saturday 24      8:00 am- 1:00 pm (Dr John Faros)
Monday 26       CLOSED
Tuesday 27       CLOSED
Wednesday 28   8:00am – 12:30pm (Dr Annabel)
Thursday 29       8:00am – 12:30pm (Dr Annabel)
Friday 30            8:00am – 12:30pm (Dr Annabel)
Saturday 31        CLOSED

Monday 2          CLOSED
Tuesday 3           practice resumes normal opening hours (Dr Annabel, Cara and Patricia)

Dr Jenny will be back on Monday 9 January, Dr Chris will be back Thursday 12 January.

You can book online anytime. Please call in the morning on the days between Xmas and New Year if you need to be seen urgently.

Out of normal hours you can call the National Home Doctor Service for locum doctor visits to your house (homedoctor.com.au)

Free shingles vaccine for 70-79 year olds

A new vaccine is being provided free of charge for people aged between 70-79 through the National Immunisation Program. Zostavax is a vaccine to prevent shingles (see below for more information about shingles and the vaccine)

At Erskineville Doctors we currently have small stock of Zostavax. A doctor will write the order for the vaccine, but it can be given by our practice nurse. There are a few situations where we would not advise the vaccine, this is mainly in people whose immune system is severely compromised by a disease process or medications. You should discuss this with your doctor.


Shingles (also known as herpes zoster) is a localised, painful, skin rash resulting from reactivation of the same virus (the varicella-zoster virus) that causes chickenpox earlier in life. Although usually self-limiting, shingles can lead to chronic neuropathic pain syndrome, and other complications.

About 20–30% of people will have shingles in their lifetime, most after the age of 50 years. Older people (particularly those aged over 70 years) are also more likely to have shingles complicated by chronic pain.

Vaccination of people aged 70–79 years is estimated to prevent about 41% of the cases of shingles and two-thirds of post-herpetic neuralgia cases in that population. In vaccinated people in whom an episode of shingles occurs, the pain, severity and duration is reduced by 50%.

For further reading go to NCIRS

When you phone for an appointment, please let our receptionist know that you would like this immunisation. If you are booking online choose the Immunisation appointment (15 min). You can book with our practice nurse if this is the only reason for your appointment, otherwise book an appointment with your GP. If you are likely to see us in the next few months you can just make a note to ask us about vaccines then.

Travel vaccinations at Erskineville Doctors

Travel Vaccines

Erskineville Doctors can now provide some common travel vaccines, as per the list below. You will need to book an appointment with one of our doctors, who can advise you about recommended vaccine schedules and prescribe these vaccines for you.

Vivaxim (Hep A/typhoid)
Avaxim (Hep A )
Typhim Vi (Typhoid)
Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B)
HB Vax II (Hep B)

We can also prescribe anti-malarial tablets according to the advice for your particular destination. To prepare for a consultation about your travel you can read information about recommendations for your destination here.  This includes information about non-vaccine preventable diseases and other health-related travel tips.

Please note we are not accredited to administer Yellow Fever vaccination.

Using email for patient recalls

Over the past year we have been updating your records at our practice to include mobile phone numbers and email addresses. The cost and speed of traditional postage has made this a less viable option, while electronic forms of communication give us opportunities to communicate with you better.

We intend to use email where possible to send you reminders or recalls. Our accreditation as a General Practice includes standards that we have a system to do this, as part of our duty of care to patients. However, to be able to send you reminders or recalls, or anything that might constitute direct marketing, you need to let us know that you do not want to receive such correspondence. This includes a simple note about a public health message such as the availability of flu vaccine.

We are not intending to send you lots of messages, and are mindful that email address boxes are easily cluttered. Examples of messages you might receive are:

  • A non-urgent recall to discuss investigations
  • A reminder that you are due for follow up of a previous investigation
  • A reminder that a booster immunisation is due
  • A reminder that a screening test is due – eg Pap smear
  • An annual recall to review a particular health issue – eg. diabetes

We are conscious of all times of the privacy and sensitivity of your health information and will not send any information via mail or email that discusses any aspect of your medical care.

If at any time you wish to have your name removed from any recall register or specifically do not wish to be contacted via email please contact our Practice Manager, Neda Jazayeri (erko.docs@iinet.net.au) to ensure that your records are updated accordingly.

A copy of our Practice Privacy Policy is available in the waiting room. You may also wish to  look at the Government’s general information on privacy regarding health matters ar www.oaic.gov.au/individuals

Doctors’ hours – September/October

Quick update on what our doctors are doing over the next 2 months:

Dr Patricia is away just Tuesday and Wednesday this week, then Friday 16 September, and 10-15 October
Dr Annabel is away Friday 23 September to Wed 28 September
Dr Jenny is away Thursday 29 September to Saturday 8 October

From 22 September Dr Annabel and Dr Chris are swapping Thursday and Friday mornings.

During these leave periods other doctors are taking extra shifts so in most cases we will still always have two doctors on every day. We encourage you to see one of our other doctors if your regular doctor is away. We will always hand over the the returning doctor if there are any issues that need to be followed up.

New Practice Nurse

Erskineville Doctors has a new Practice Nurse – welcome Georgia!

Georgia is a highly experienced nurse who is available to assist our GPs with immunisations, wound care, health assessments and patient education. Georgia will be working Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays.

Sr Ana has been sending us National Geographic worthy photos of the views from her new home across the seas. We wish her all the best for her new endeavours!