Staff changes

Doctors on leave

Dr Annabel is away for the last week of January only, and will be working on Saturday 27th January. The practice will be closed on Australia Day, 26th January.

Dr Patricia is taking leave from Thursday 25th January and back on 20th February.

Doctors coming and going

We are sad to let you know that Dr John Faros is no longer working at Erskineville Doctors. John has been our Saturday doctor for nearly 3 years, but has enough other work elsewhere during the week, so finally decided to take a break. We wish him all the best.

On the bright side, we have Dr Joseph Chung joining us from 28th January. He will cover most of Dr Patricia’s hours while she is on leave. Joseph has been a doctor since 2009, graduating in NZ, and has worked all over Victoria, the ACT and NSW. He completed his GP training in Wollongong. Joseph has a wide range of experience in all areas of medicine.  Joseph will be working all day Tuesdays and Fridays.

Reception staff

On reception currently we have Trudy, Jenny, Anastaysa and Marnie, with Molly and Audrey filling in as needed.


Remember you can book online at any time via the Appointuit app or our home page.




Doctors’ leave – December/January

December already! Just a heads up on what our doctors are up to over the next 2 months:

The practice will be closed on any public holidays in December and January.

Dr Annabel is away from Saturday 16 December and will be back on Tuesday 2 January. She is then away for the last week of January, starting Monday 22 January and back when school starts on Monday 29 January.

Dr Jenny will take a break from Thursday 21 December, and be back at work on Monday 8 January.

During the Xmas/NY week, the practice will be open in the mornings only on Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 December. Dr Shereena will be the only doctor working on those days.

Through January the other doctors will work their usual hours. Please be assured our doctors will hand over to each other to make sure you have continuity of care for any ongoing medical issues.



Changes to Pap test screening

From 1 December 2017 there are some important changes the Pap test screening program (now known as the National Cervical Screening Program).

The key messages  are:

Younger women can wait to have cervical screening tests at the age of 25, where it used to be 18

Older women should have their next test at the time it is due (that is 2 years since your last Pap test, or sooner if you have been advised to do so previously)

Women will now be offered ongoing screening up to the age of 74

The test will still be like a Pap test, using a speculum, and with the doctor checking the cervix and taking a sample. The first test the lab will do is for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) – this is the virus known to induce changes in cervical cells which could lead to cancer

If your result is negative for HPV, this is regarded as “low risk” result and you will be advised to have screening again after another 5 years

If your test is positive for HPV, the lab will do further testing to look at the cells and will provide advice about referrals or the optimum timeframe for ongoing monitoring

Even if you have had HPV vaccination (Gardasil) you should still participate in the screening program

If you are very nervous about having  a Pap test please discuss with your doctor. There is an option for women over 30 to provide a self-collected sample, though this has lower pick up rate for abnormalities.

This test is a screening test, which means that it is for a woman who does not have any symptoms. If you have any symptoms such as bleeding between your periods or after sex, an irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge or pelvic pain you should come and see a doctor

Regardless of the timing of your cervical screening test, it’s a good idea to discuss sexual health screening with your doctor at any time and at any age if you have ever been sexually active. This is especially the case if you have a new sexual partner. This could include tests for sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia.


We encourage all women to participate in cervical screening. Since it’s introduction it has had a significant impact on the rates of cervical cancer in Australia, but there are still cases diagnosed every year. The group of women who are haven’t had screening in more than 4 years are at higher risk.

Several organisations have put together more detailed information about the changes, and we are including some useful links below. If you still have questions, please talk to your doctor and make a plan for your next test. We can put a reminder in our system to email you when it’s due.

Some useful links

Family Planning NSW

Department of Health

Organ donation registration

You may have come across the recent campaign to increase the number of people registered for organ donation. It’s important to note that even if you have ticked this on your driver’s licence, you should go to this page  and register linking your name and Medicare card number to your consent for organ donation.

There is a lot more information at the Organ and Tissue Authority website, including FAQs about organ donation and the process, why you need to register, and how to have the important conversation about your decision with your family.

Doctor’s leave – August/September

Dr Chris will be away from 14 August and back to work on 5 September.

Dr Cara will be away from 22 August and back to work on 4 September.

Dr Beth Oliver will be back with us to cover Dr Chris’ leave. Beth has now done 2 stints with us and is familiar with many of our patients. We are pleased that she will be working Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings, through to the end of September.

Doctors on leave September/October

We’ve had a bit of a crazy time with doctors falling prey to the flu, so thanks for your patience with having to move appointments. The first week of September we are all finally back on deck, but then annual leave and school holidays kick in. Read on to see if your favourite doctor is going to be away:

• Dr Shereena is away from the week starting 11 September and will be back on Saturday 23 September
• Dr Annabel is away in the last week of September and back on Tuesday 3 October
• Dr Jenny is away in the first week of October only
• Dr Patricia is away from 21 September through to 24 October

We have made arrangements to cover for these doctors through those periods, so please be assured we can continue your care even if your regular doctor isn’t available.

Dr Beth Oliver will still be working with us through to the end of September. We are also fortunate to have obtained the services of Dr Suzanne Rix to cover Dr Patricia’s leave period. Suzanne graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004 and completed her GP training in 2011. Suzanne’s work as a GP has taken her all over Australia, working in several rural and remote communities as well as Sydney. Suzanne is currently working at the Sydney Sexual Health Centre. She enjoys all aspects of general practice and has a interest in sexual health, women’s health and mental health. Suzanne is also a registered HIV s100 prescriber. Suzanne will work all day Friday and some Wednesdays.

2017 flu vaccine

Just a reminder that it’s not to late to get a flu vaccine. It’s also worth doing this even if you already think you have had a flu-like illness this season. It’s possible that you have had another viral illness.  The peak period of flu transmission is usually late July and August and even well into September, so getting vaccinated  now will give you a good level of protection during that period. See here for some relevant data (NSW Health Influenza Surveillance Data)

We especially encourage to do so if you are in one of the groups eligible for a free flu vaccine, that is if any of the following apply to you:

• >65 years old
• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
• Pregnant
• Have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic lung disease, and asthma requiring preventer medications.

You can make a time to see our Practice Nurse to organise vaccination, however it would be good to book with a doctor if you think other health checks are due, for example having your blood pressure and weight checked, reviewing your diabetes or other chronic disease, and reviewing where you are up to with other health screening or immunisations. If you have any inhaled medications, such as Ventolin, Seretide, Symbicort or Spiriva, please bring them with you at this visit so we can review how you are using them.

For further information about immunisation

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance

Immunise Australia

School holidays

Quick heads up on our doctors’ plans during the school holidays. Fortunately only Jenny and Annabel have school-aged children, so we have you covered.

Annabel will be off after this Friday 30 June, and back to work on Monday 10 July.

Jenny will finish on Friday 7 July and start back on Monday 17th July.

As always, please come and see our other doctors during this period and they will report back to Annabel or Jenny as needed.


Going up!

You will have noticed the practice has been very busy the last few months. We are excited to let you know that we have finally taken lease on the upstairs in our premises, which gives us an extra doctor’s room. As of 8 May we will be using this room for consulting sessions, initially 2 days a week.

To start off Dr Chris Ganora will work upstairs on Tuesdays and Dr Shereena will work upstairs on Mondays and Wednesday afternoon. There may be changes over time and other doctors will also be working in the upstairs room. If you have any concerns about not being able to climb those 20 stairs, please let our receptionist know when you are booking. As always, strollers and prams can be left in the waiting room.

We anticipate that the extra appointments will take the pressure off for everyone. However, we are still in the process of upgrading our phone system and working out the logistics of dealing with extra patients in a small practice. We appreciate your patience as we deal with any teething problems.

Remember you can book appointments online. You will need to call us if you have an urgent need on the day and can’t find an appointment, or if you want to check that your doctor is not working upstairs. If you are unable to find an appointment with your regular doctor that suits you, please book with another doctor. We are happy to deal with acute issues and hand you back over to your regular doctor for follow up.

Doctors on leave – locum arrangements

Those lucky doctors who can take their leave outside of school holidays have made some travel plans. Dr Cara will be away from 8 May – 15 June. Dr Vanessa is away from 16 May – 13 June. Dr Patti will be away for a week or so in June. This leaves a few gaps, but fear not – we have made arrangements to cover this period.

Dr Beth Oliver is joining us again for the month of May. She will be working on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays. Some of our patients have already met Beth and have given us great feedback about her care. She will hand over any patients that need follow up to their regular doctor. We hope to have Beth back again later in the year.

We are also pleased to welcome Dr Shereena from Monday 8 May. She will be working 3 days a week over the next few months. Shereena has been a doctor for the past decade, and has worked as a GP in the inner west for many years. She enjoys the diversity of General Practice, but has particular interest in Paediatrics, Women’s Health and preventative health care. She holds a Diploma in Child Health and is an Antenatal Shared Care GP. Shereena’s other job is at Tresillian Family Care Centres supporting mothers of children aged 0-3. She also holds a Diploma in Dermatology and  undertakes skin checks and basic skin cancer excisions.

You might also see one of our other doctors while your usual doctor is away. We will organise follow up with your regular doctor on their return if there are ongoing issues.