My Health Record

My Health Record is an online summary of some of your health information. Health information stored in your record can include information from you, your healthcare providers, and Medicare. It can be accessed by you through, by any GP through their practice software, and hospital staff through their IT systems.

From 16 July 2018 the Government has decided to implement the My Health Record as an “opt-out” system, meaning that you will have a My Health Record created for you unless you decide to opt out. You will receive a letter from the Government (to the address associated with your Medicare card) in July 2018 advising you of this.

The initial period to opt out of having a My Health Record runs until 15 October. After that time you can will have a My Health Record but this will not be activated until a health provider adds information. You can still choose to cancel you record after that time, so that information is not uploaded to it.

If you are interested in creating a My Health Record now you can register through the website, or we can do it for you at the practice (an easier option).

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Doctors on leave in September/October

Dr Joe has been away the past 2 weeks, but returns on Friday 7th September.

Dr Patti will be away for the first 3 weeks of September, returning on Tuesday 25th September. In her absence Dr Catherine Pratten will be working on some of the Wednesdays and Fridays. Catherine has worked in general practice for many years, and also works at Family Planning NSW.

Dr Jenny is away the first week of the school holidays in October, and then Dr Annabel will be away in the second week, returning on Monday 15th October.

After that, things settle down for a while! Please make a time to see another doctor if your regular doctor is away, and we will ensure that any ongoing issues are handed over.

Flu vaccine – it’s not too late

We haven’t seen much influenza yet (thought lots of other nasty bugs), so please remember that it’s not too late to get a vaccine.

We currently have supply on the free schedule of :

  • Flu Quadri Junior for children 6 months old up to <3 years old
  • Fluzone Hi-dose for people > 65 years
  • Afluria Quad for pregnant women, and people aged 18-64 who are at increased risk due to chronic medical conditions
  • Fluquadri for children aged 3-4 (in limited supply)

We have no vaccines for private sale. If you would like a prescription for a flu vaccine please let our receptionist know prior to your appointment. It will be worth checking with your local chemist regarding stock.

You can book a time with our Practice Nurse, or with any of our doctors if you are due to see them for some other medical issue. If you just need the flu vaccine, please indicate this to our receptionists who will endeavour to fit you in with either the nurse or a doctor, according to availability

Please watch this space for further updates.

Doctor’s leave July/August

Dr Cara is away now and will be back on 16 August
Dr Jenny will be away from 3 August, returning to work on 13th August
Dr Joe will be away for 3 weeks starting 19 August

As always we will hand over your care as required to other doctors in our absence.

Fee increase on July 1st 2018 at Erskineville Doctors

On July 1st 2018 Erskineville Doctors will be introducing a small increase to our fees. For a standard appointment it will cost $80 and for a long appointment $128. Your medicare rebate has increased by 1.5% for these items (now $37.60 and $72.80) which will help limit your out of pocket costs.

This is a first increase for Medicare rebates since 1 July 2014. It is a positive start, however a 1.5% increase in Medicare rebates for a limited number of attendance items is still well below the annual increase in our operating costs.

The fees charged by this practice cover all of our practice costs including employing receptionists and practice nurses, and meeting our operating expenses such as rent, medical equipment, electricity, computers and insurance. These costs increase annually.

If you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to afford this increase, please do discuss these with your treating medical practitioner.

Dr Chris Ganora moving on

Unfortunately for us, Dr Chris is moving out of the inner west and will no longer be working at Erskineville Doctors. Chris is now lecturing in General Practice and had cut back on his clinical time, but has had a loyal cohort of patients in his time at Erskineville Doctors. We wish him well in all his future medical endeavours. Chris’ last day is Tuesday 12 June.

Message from Dr Chris:

Dear patients

I am writing to advise you that after Tuesday 12 June I will no longer  be working at Erskineville Doctors. I have decided to move out of the city, away from its bustle and stress!

I apologise for any inconvenience this will cause in your health management but as always, encourage that to be an empowered process  that is driven by yourselves. The other fantastic GPs at Erskineville Doctors will happily continue  supporting your treatment and have access to my documented notes and  correspondence.

I would like to thank each of you for the trust you have placed in me, and acknowledge the privilege of being invited to share in your  personal health journey. I wish you all the very best and will carry with me truly fond  memories of my time working in your community.

Warmest regards

Dr Chris Ganora

A new Saturday GP

We would like to welcome Dr Tessa Ward-Booth who is going to be working on Saturday mornings initially, to help us increase the appointments available. We anticipate Tessa will do more sessions for us over time, including covering for holidays.

Tessa is a very experienced GP, with a particular interest in women’s and children’s health. She has worked at the Sydney Breast Clinic and in Family Planning. She has completed extra training in Dermatology and is available to perform skin checks.


New GP at Erskineville Doctors

You might have missed this, as Dr Joe slipped into the practice to cover while Dr Patti was on leave, but we are pleased to let you know that he is definitely staying at Erskineville Doctors.

With Joe on board we now have 3 doctors working at the practice every day and  continue to welcome new patients to the practice. Since we just had a proper photo taken it seems like a good time to introduce Dr Joe properly:

Dr Joseph Chung graduated from University of Otago, New Zealand in 2008. He has worked in various fields of medicine before completing his GP training in 2017. He is experienced in all aspects of general practice. His special interests include Aged Care, Palliative Care, Aboriginal health, migrant health and hepatitis. Joe grew up in New Zealand and South Korea and speaks fluent Korean.

Joe works Tuesday and Friday.


Flu vaccine in stock

The 2018 flu vaccine stocks have arrived at the practice.

Vaccination by about the end of May/early June will provide optimal protection before circulating influenza levels start to rise this season, and will provide protection over the peak period of July/August/September.

If you are planning to see your doctor in the next 6-8 weeks you can get a flu vaccine at that visit. It’s a good time to review any other chronic health issues, update referrals and scripts, and check in regarding recommended health screening for your age.

If you are unlikely to be visiting your doctor in the next 6-8 weeks, you can book at time to see our Practice Nurse, Catherine at the Flu Vaccine clinic she will run a few times each week. Our receptionists can help you book a suitable time. Please note that our doctors will not be available to see you during the Nurse clinic.

Free flu vaccines are provided by NSW Health for people in the following categories:

• anyone aged 65 and older

• children aged 6 months old to <5 years old

• Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people

• Pregnant women

• anyone with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk of a bad influenza infection, such as diabetes, heart failure, chronic lung disease, and moderate-severe asthma requiring preventer medications.

For other patients we have stock of flu vaccine for sale. If you get a flu vaccine at your workplace please let us know for our records.


For further information about flu vaccination

Flu vaccination for children

NSW Health

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance

Immunise Australia

Easter opening hours

The practice will be closed for the 4 days from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

National Home Doctor Service, 13 7425, is our nominated after-hours locum service. A locum GP can visit you at home and provide a report directly to our practice for the next working day.

Emergency services are available at Balmain Hospital GP Casualty, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Children’s Hospital and Canterbury Hospital.

Remember you can book online for next week by registering on our website for appointuit.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter.