Make an Appointment

  • Our online appointment system will check availability in real time and allow you to book immediately. You can book even when the practice is not open.
  • Click here to book your appointment and/or to register for online appointments.

You will need to call us on  9557 2266 for any of the following reasons:

  • to book an URGENT on the day appointment
  • if you are having trouble finding a nurse and GP appointment to organise your child’s immunisation and check up
Having problems booking online?

If you are coming across problems registering yourself or family members with Appointuit, please read this first:

  • The system should recognise you as a registered patient if your name and Medicare card details, including the Medicare expiry date, and your email address are exactly as we have them recorded at the practice.  If you phone for an appointment ask our staff to check the details we have on record.
  • If your children are listed on your Medicare card we can link them to your Appointuit account to be able to make online appointments. We can also link any other family members who are not on your Medicare card at their request. To set up this link please email the Practice Manager.

If you are still having problems after you check that the details match please check the trouble-shooting guide at Appoint Support. At the bottom of this page you can submit a request with your details.